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Show and Tell Exercise
Bose speaker (7,699,139) (a surround that's seen better days) (a half-roll surround (indicated by 3 in the diagram)) (speaker repair service price list)

Travel container for beverages (7,546,933) (a recent industry newsletter)

Colour shaper (5,542,144) (Amazon product page)

Electric dog collar (6,135,060) (Ecollars Buyer's Guide: How much should you spend on a dog training collar?)

Sunbeam iron (6,321,472) ("Thoughtful present for every woman.")

Bottle opener phone case (8,485,404) (Headcase FAQ)

Skull Candy headphones (8,515,115) (Skullcandy investors press release) (Skullcandy patents page)

Brother ink cartridge (7,222,950) (article about strategic value of complex ink cartridge structures) (article about ink/toner cartridge lawsuits) (article about inkjet pricing and consumer welfare)

Auto-locking measuring tape (6,595,451) (Komelon home page)

Electronic Spanish-English dictionary (4,830,618) (used Franklin Spanish-English dictionaries for sale on eBay)

LED light bulb (6,528,954) (PowerPoint presentation of Philips IP licensing program)

Thermos/coffee mug (7,681,754) (review of travel mugs with comparison table)

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